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Chip Carmack


Meet Chip Carmack

I am a confessed “workaholic” and I really enjoy helping people so this is a perfect fit for me. Helping people find the perfect home to enjoy our wonderful weather.
I was born as an “Army brat” but we settled here in S.FL when I was 6. Then I grew up as a “Pratt Brat”. Other than going away for my BBA in Business, I have spent most of my life in this area. Besides growing up and living here, my many years as a licensed pool contractor has given me a VERY good knowledge of the North end of PBCounty and this helps tremendously in being able to help people in Real Estate. Also, building and running a successful company taught me many good negotiation and “people skills” that will serve you well. I love to help and the sense of usefulness drives me. I am honored to help you in any way that I can.

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A Little About Us

A “chipshot” is a short, easy shot in sports. My goal is to make your real estate transaction as short and easy as possible. With my knowledge of 25+ years in Northern Palm Beach County and Western communities, the local real estate market, and business training and acumen, I am well armed to work hard for you.

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West Palm Beach

Non-gated, Non-golf areas

All of Tequesta (worked all over Tequesta for past 30 years)
All of Jupiter (worked all over Jupiter for past 30 years)
All of Palm Beach Gardens (lived and worked here over 30 years)
All of North Palm Beach & Juno (worked for over 30 years)
Singer Island (worked for over 30 years)
All of West Palm Beach (lived and worked there for 8 years)
All of Wellington (lived and worked there for 4 years. My Mom still lives there)